if i had wings, i’d be able to fly up above and watch my life from on high. but i have a fear of falling, so i just envy the birds. i envy them because, not only do they fly, they soar. i guess the trick to flying is to always look out to where you’re going and up at the sky. to keep flying upwards, because as soon as you look down, you see just how far you could fall. this is what roots me. what keeps me down is my fear of falling.

i imagine myself a better traveler than i’ll probably ever be.

airplanes terrify me. the ground grounds me because i trust my feet. that i can control. it’s too bad that my wonder of the world is trumped by sticky fear. i wish i were a bird, so fearless, but instead i feel like a fly trapped in honey.

but, there comes a point where my lift has to be greater than the drag of my feet. or my feet shall find wings. so, i’ll start small… baby steps.

the life trip:
since i don’t fly, i shall walk, drive, cruise, bike, roller blade, kayak, anything except hitchhike to my destination. it shall start real soon. April 2010 is the main event, so far. a coast to coast to coast wandering. it’s not that i have any real thirst to see the west coast, but i do have a hunger for San Francisco Chinese food ;)

there will be many stops along the way and, of course, we may get lost. but that’s part of the fun. and there is no one i’d rather be lost with than my best friend Tiffany. we’ve been getting lost and found together all along the east coast since 2002.

that’s not the only thing i’ll be wondering about. what’s my hair doing, what’s my heart doing, what’s going on with my body? what do i have a taste for? why am i here? why am i me? what was he thinking? what was i thinking? what the fuck am i going to do? where am i going?
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