it's Artscape weekend here in Baltimore. it's also rainy and unseasonably cool here in Baltimore. quel dommage. it actually was really cloudy and dreary for most of the week and that made me SAD. but, anywho, on to the pictures. i didn't take many this week and i was feeling particularly uninspired with my stagnant eating, sleeping, and working schedule. i must snap out of it!

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photo a day: finger - my sorority sign. did i tell you i was in a sorority? oh, well, yeah... i am in a sorority. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Iiiiiincorporated! to be exact. furthermore, my chapter sorors were down in New Orleans for Boule and that mad me extra SAD to have missed it and the food and fun... man!


photo a day: sign. i'm a Capricorn. i'm not too much into astrology, but i do find some coincidences to be intriguing.


photo a day: my addiction. you already know. but, to be more specific, my NEW addiction is a toasted croissant dipped into my whole milk mocha for breakfast. my waistline hates me for it so i'll be on a fresh fruit only kick for breakfast until further notice.


photo a day: plate. i show what's on my plate all the time, so here is just a close-up of the "rustic" detailing. BTW, this pasta is made with pancetta and... egg yolk. zOMG carbonara heaven!


photo a day: animal/insect/pet. the DC pigeon. a rare brown one. they're thugs, just like the squirrels. they stand right next to you in the food truck line at lunch.


photo a day: eyes. this is my sleepy time look, but for authenticity, imagine my eyebrows looking like caterpillars, as they do 62% of the time.


photo a day: 9 o'clock - you already know! cleaning off my DVR and only moving from the bed to forage for food. BTW, have you seen Take Me Out? when i first saw the premise for it, my feminist Spidey senses went off... 30 gorgeous women vying for the attention of one scruffy man?! but, it's actually good. the women are beautiful, funny, smart, and in total control. many a douchebag has left without a date. check it out! i'm glad i did.
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