about Me           

i'm Sarah, a human puzzle. i am a scientist, a dreamer, and the life of the party. i love joking and laughing as much as i like simply being quiet and staying put. i love to cook, and that rivals the 50 or so hours a week i spend doing chemistry. after a long day, chopping vegetables can be really calming. i like roadtrips and daytrips and trainrides. i'm from DC. i love DC. but i live in Baltimore. and i kinda hate Baltimore. i am not a sports lover, but i know all the rules to the game. i do love tennis and go-kart racing though :)

     about the Life Trip

some people are driven by their strengths. i'm more driven by my fears and weaknesses. i try to understand them and push past them. that's what this will be all about. i have a fear of falling, so i don't fly. many people have told me that i can never see the world because of this. i want to prove them wrong. if i can do this, i wonder...
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