whoa! this blog looks something like a blog that was. or tried to be. I know that i’ve personally always tsked bloggers who couldn’t keep up with the simple demands of a blog. like, I didn’t think it was all that big a deal to write a blog. you pick a topic, write from your heart, throw in some stock photo and BAM! you’ve got a blog. so, for the life of me, i just couldn’t dig a blogger who let the blog collect dust for weeks without updating.

so yeah, about that… (¬_¬) *side eye to myself* silly me. this is much different that writing an online diary, which i had convinced myself it would be. i used write in a conventional diary and decided to make the leap so others may hold me accountable to my words and whimsy. it’s also odd because i out and out REFUSE to get an e-reader, but i was all down with the idea of an “online journal”.

but enough of that. where has my lazy ass been? especially since one of my last posts speaks on being a lazy ass… well, there is good news and bad news.

the good news is, i have NOT been lazy actually. no, i didn’t lose weight… i actually prolly gained some. my life have been so stressful lately that i didn’t even have time to think, much less think about what i’m eating, when i’m working out, and if i’m drinking enough water. the reason for all of that is i passed my Master’s exam. i officially have a master’s degree in chemistry. and all it took was a strained conversation with my advisor, some pushing on my part, 2 weeks of writing, and 2 weeks of marathon studying. the build-up to the main event was something i don’t ever want to put myself through again, even though i will have to 3 more times before i get my PhD. one thing i do know is that i handle stress very poorly. seriously though, i should be someone’s fucking housewife because i am just not cut out for stressful situations. i know some people thrive on that shit, but iCan’t.

the even better news is that i did pretty well. i impressed myself, my advisor, and even some of my colleagues. the oral exam was pretty quick, i got decent remarks, and i’m sure some people thought i would just plain fail, especially since a couple of my labmates came really close. yikes.

the bad news is that it can’t stop, won’t stop. diddy bop for me. i’m only halfway through my PhD program and i’ve got three more requirements to fulfill in three more years, including my second oral exam, the one which transforms me into Sarah, PhD candidate. even though i am relieved the first part is over, i just don’t wanna stomach a second one, not right now. i was losing sleep and hair from the stress. also, i’ve got a ton of work to catch up on. i essentially halted all reactions for a month while i was writing and studying. it paid off in the end, but getting back in my hood was very surreal. and of course i broke a piece of glassware, just to get the party started (-___-)

this is what i came back to. sigh.

my boss is leaving for the following semester and he usually goes on a rampage right before he leaves and right after gets back. i’ve got a lot of work to do and a lot to make up for. but it seems that my never-ending quest to prove myself to my advisor just isn’t over yet. and that, dear children, is the bad news.