so, i thought i wasn't really updating because i had nothing to write, but that's not really true... i'm lazy. i'm a lazy bitch.

and i also though i wasn't cooking in my kitchen because my kitchen sink was clogged (which it was; you try putting 2lbs of bad kale down a garbage disposal and NOT to end up with a swamp in your sink), but once it was fixed i still haven't done much cooking. i'm lazy.

and i haven't been to yoga in almost 2 weeks. i could blame it on school and being too tired, but again... tired = lazy in this equation.

i can blame it on a number of things... it April but still 45°, i'm in school 10 hours a day, i'm tired, i'm not that hungry, my knee hurts, i miss him, i don't feel like it, i have other plans, i have enough money, i don't have enough money, blah blah blah lazy, lazy, LAZY!

in case you're wondering, lazy is not my favorite word. my mother used to lord that word over my head when i was under her rule in order to trigger my guilt and self-loathing. it didn't work very often, as my pride often provided me with examples of when i was passionate enough to be motivated. but after 27 years of life, i guess i am. i guess being lazy is a part of who i am. it's a hard pill to swallow, but i'm kinda too tired to care ;-)
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