the dawning of something new begins in darkness

and with the days getting longer, i feel as if i am ready to spring from my cocoon and spread my wings. my funk is over… for now. and i am ready to partake in all that spring has to offer. i wouldn’t say spring is my favorite season; that belongs to autumn. but, i do appreciate the spoils of spring and the metaphors it allows. the budding of something new…

i started out by attending the inaugural Sunday of the Baltimore Farmer’s Market, the largest in Maryland. i was a little sad when it ended last autumn, mostly because my SADs had already kicked in and i missed the last month of it… right in the heart of cabbage season. so, last Sunday, i hit the ground running. nice and early, just like the blooms of the dogwood trees that overtake Baltimore in April. i love it… it’s warm but not hot. you need a light jacket, but you can put away the heavy socks and shoes. the dogwoods are in full bloom, but the buds on every other tree are still straining to release. the air is thick with anticipation of green leaves and flower blossoms. but for now, just the dogwoods and daffodils.

the market is only 66% complete, with mostly meal stands, but it’s the first day back and the hoards of people make up for it. i decided to do a loop first and score the best deal on basil, but the mushroom stand stops me in my tracks and eats up most of my Sunday budget. then, i keep walking and see the most delectable kale. bonus: it’s already triple washed for me! and since i’m here, i might as well get some spinach (hello old friend), spring onions (a staple), and some parsley.

i was left with just enough for a crêpe and a promise to get more on my next trip, but i was more than satisfied to leave and enjoy the rest of the day ahead of me. i went to lab, then yoga, then came home and made mushroom pasta with my bounty from earlier. it was so good i didn’t have time to snap a picture.

and i wonder, what else does spring have in store for me…
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