Tiffany and Me, circa 2008
Before she moved 750 miles away

Tiffany. The yin to my yang; my college buddy. I miss my best friend. As a matter of fact, I miss having good friends around me in general. But I don't necessarily have the time to visit. She and I made plans to see the final Harry Potter (don't judge me) premiere together; I would travel to her this time around. YES! Time off! Meeting in Atlanta would be ideal and fun; I love ATL. I've made the trip by train before and it's not bad. But she suggested Nashville, as I guess it's closer to her and she frequents the city. I wouldn't mind going to Nashville... it's on my list of Cities to See. But there is no train to Nashville. And I could feel her aggravation.

"Sarah, you should just get on a plane... it would be so much easier."

And for a fleeting second, I considered it. The short travel time and comparable fares... and then my stomach knotted up and I got a bit dizzy.

I really have no desire to ever get on a plane. It's not my goal. I think a lot of people make a big deal of facing my their fears. And that's beautiful. But the beautiful struggle for me is to acknowledge it, rise against it, and be determined to not let it hold me back. Letting my fear be my motivator, I will be itinerant, I will see the world, it will not hold me back as long as I know it won't be easy either. I'll get there, even if I have to walk... which would take 10 days according to Google Maps.
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