tonight marks the end of a season... the third season of Jersey Shore :-(

one of my guilty pleasures is ending for the season tonight. to be honest, there is going to be a void there... for all of the things i don't do, watch, or listen to on principle, Jersey Shore goes against my better judgment. but, it has become a mainstay in my TV watching catalog and i shall grow weary waiting for it to return for season 4 in Italy, even though they haven't really started filming and no air date has been given.

anywho, in the spirit of the show moving from Jersey Shore proper to Italy, i have put together a collection of custom t-shirts. the Jersey Shore kids work in a t-shirt shop, The Shore Store, to earn their living on the boardwalk, so i decided to get my silkscreen press on to commemorate some of my favorite quotes from this season.

i wonder what verbal gems these crazy kids will leave me with tonight...
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