i don't get to see commercials very often. i have DVR and it rocks. most days, i get home around 7p or so and have about 3-4 hours to watch TV before i pass out, so i have to cut out as much commercial time as possible. my personal best is watching five 1-hour shows in less than 3.5 hours. but, some days i watch TV in real time, like on Tuesdays for Glee when i watch TV with Tiffany. she lives in Alabama and i miss her terribly, so we watch certain shows at the same time and text message our witty banter to one another, but this means i HAVE to watch the commercials, but i am glad i did last week because i would have missed the beauty that is Victor Ross in the Motorola Xoom Vendetta commercial :-)

oh wow. nevermind the beautiful piece of technology being advertised... look at the beautiful man. i didn't know who he was at first, but thank God for google searches.

which brings me to another tenderoni, Isaiah Mustafa.

you know... the Old Spice Guy, the guy you wish your man could smell like. bit of irony here, this guy looks a lot like my ex AND my ex used to only wear Old Spice deodorant. and he smelled delicious. sigh.
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