i was at my usual table at my usual time craving venti iced sweet black tea instead of a grande whole milk mocha and wanted something complimentary to accompany it. Starbucks has recently added some great minis to its menu... mini cake pops, mini tarts, and mini pies, and i had my mouth all set for the mini apple pie. i figured the sweet apple with slightly salty pie crust would be a nice foil for the tea. everyone else must've had the same idea because the cafe near my house was freshly out of mini pies. ugh, i hate when that happens. Starbucks has a special talent for getting me hooked on a bakery item and pulling it/running out of it right when i crave it most. they did it with the maple sausage scone and again with the chocolate old fashioned donut, and now they were out of the mini apple pies. right when i was gonna settle for a croissant or the ever faithful iced lemon loaf, i spy something new... a chocolate cinnamon bread. hmm... wasn't really in the mood for cinnamon, but cinnamon and chocolate together might work. if you've never had Mexican chocolate, get some. it's nutty, chocolatey, and warmly cinnamontastic, which was what got me in the mood for this sweet bite.

i broke off a piece that big... i'm a lady. sometimes.

what we have here is delicious chocolate cake with a crunchy cinnamon-sugar crust in bread's clothing. this is no bread, but i didn't expect it to be. yummy it was, which i expected it to be, although teetering on cloying. the cinnamon is a perfect foil, saving it from being too sweet. wish there were hints of salt/spice more present in the cake, but it was so moist and i'm a chocoholic, i'm a fan by default. check it out!
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