this was a sorta stressful week. i'm sitting on pins and needles as i wait to hear word on three job positions for which i interviewed (keep your fingers crossed for me). and i'm preparing for my graduation this Friday! as a result, i again didn't take very many photos. life gets in the way.
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photo a day: mum. here is my mom from our Mother's Day IHOP feast. check the shoes... yeah. i had on Converses that day. we are very different, but we look like twins. my mom loves to give. so much so that on Mother's Day, she bought me gifts instead.


photo a day: grass (i warned you it was a slow picture week). this is the grass bed by Mount Vernon park where i live. i barely typed that without laughing at how ridiculous this entry is!


photo a day: love. this photo was sent to me by my sorority sister who is studying to be a doctor. fitting, right? love is life. just a note here, but i was feeling ok after the breakup with my bf until this day. a lot of the ppl i follow on IG posted pictures of them with their bf/gf... but fuck it, my picture is dope!


photo a day: what i'm reading... i haven't really picked up a book in months, but my Google reader keeps me reading with all of the natural hair, interior design, and food/lifestyle blogs i subscribe to.


photo a day: snack. i actually don't do a lot of snacking. i don't keep any in the house, not to restraint reasons, but because i'd rather enjoy a meal rather than graze over small bites all day. it took me a while to enjoy tapas. i'm serious.


i went to Houlihan's in the Baltimore Inner Harbor and had some disco fries. man, look... it was a very small bowl of them, but it was enough! they were so decadent! it was fries, mozz cheese, and pot roast with gravy, but the pot roast tasted like boeuf bourguignon with rich wine and veg, yum!


'nuff said.
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