i wasn't nearly in the mood to capture photos this week. it's been very busy and sorta rough. to top it all off, me and my bf ended things. even though it wasn't a bad breakup, it was a breakup nonetheless. sunrise, sunset. but, coming home to DC for mother's day was a great way to turn my week around. Happy Mother's Day!
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easy like Sunday morning! after a day of cleaning and doing laundry, i went home and made some good ole catfish and grits. i got the catfish from the farmer's market and it was so fresh and sweet!


photo a day: someone who inspires me - Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. for obvious reasons. she has a cool elegance and makes delicious delectables. i hope to throw dinner parties like her one day. i even have that same dutch oven.


photo a day: a smell i adore. this is my pantry, full of spices and powders that make my kitchen smell heavenly. a few of my fave are cumin, cocoa, and vanilla.


photo a day: something i do everyday - watch Golden Girls. little secret, i wake up and go to sleep by the show because it comes on three times a day. sometimes i catch the afternoon showing too. i'm watching it as i type this up. so?


photo a day: a favorite word - congratulations. as soon as i see or hear the word, i instantly feel thankful and so blessed. it reminds me that i accomplished something big. another secret of mine... seeing my name written out makes me feel special too. i love my name.


bitchin loft space. i love lofts. i almost lived in one, but most lofts in Baltimore have terrible views. but i love everything about this one, the wood flooring and beams with feature lights, the island range in the kitchen, the painted exposed brick, and the staircase. this is beautiful.


photo a day: something that makes me happy. this is about 20% of my family pigging out at IHOP, take up two tables and the booth. i love getting together with my family and feasting. it's the best time you'll ever have! the laughter and stories... it was just what i needed.
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