another roller coaster week. things started off kinda wonky but ended on such a high note... graduation, a wine festival, family, friends, love... i'm still smiling and my head is still spinning.

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photo a day: something i can't live without... my DVR. as a Capricorn, i hate to waste time. my DVR affords me the luxury of watching 3 hours of television in less than two! the downside... no commercials, although i don't know how much of a downside that is.


photo a day: where i stand. this is the front half of my living room. that open doorway on the left leads to my tiny charming kitchen. as you can see, i need way more pillows on my daybed/sofa and i should probably empty my recycling bin.


photo a day: pink. the fact that there is pink ink on my eggs telling me its expiration date makes me never want to buy eggs from the mini mart down the street again. but i'm broke and they were something like $1.29 for a large dozen. #shruglife


photo a day: technology. i've been keeping a secret. no, i don't love Apple products. but, i do have a job. i'm a tele-agent. you call with issues about your Apple products, i answer. it's a home-based position and i hate it. hate it so much that i no longer do it and have to return all of these Apple incentives. #NCT


photo a day: something new. these are a pair of really cute and deceptively uncomfortable shoes my mom bought me for mother's day.


graduation day! if i'm honest with you, i was not looking forward to this day. graduations have been very anti-climatic in my experience. it's supposed to be a joyous occasion, then something happens and everything is ruined. someone has a bad attitude, doesn't feel like waiting, it's notoriously hot as hell... but i have to say, this was the best day ever! my family and friends really showed up, i actually enjoyed crossing the stage and was the first person in line, and the ceremony was really short and sweet. i enjoyed this day so much, i'm gonna post another picture!

these are some really pretty flowers, two bouquets of lilies. the white ones are from my father. the orange ones, my favorite, are from my boyfriend. i went out to lunch with my friends where i lavished over my accomplishments, the past, where we see our futures, and i opened my cards and cried. life was great right there over lunch eating cheap Chinese food, as it should always be.


went to the Caribbean Wine Fest Saturday with my sorority sisters. this sea of people... that was just the mosh pit! there were twice as many people in the tents surrounding it. there was food and music and wine/drinks galore. it was a blast and a great way to end the week (^_^)
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