i cannot believe that it is June! wow! time certainly flies and sometimes it really freaks me out. this has been a pretty chill week. the weather has been on it's very best behavior and that seems to put everyone in a very good disposition. i'll take it!

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photo a day: something sweet. one of my favorite brunch spots in Baltimore, City Cafe, has amazing weekly specials. the chef really pushes the menu to new heights and almost every special is a hit. but, that being said, nothing compares to the complimentary sticky cinnamon rolls that come to each and every table before you even order!


graduation was awesome. even awesomer? graduation cards with money in them! i got in some serious retail therapy. it was much needed.


two things: don't tell me this isn't just the cutest gif ever! and, ladies, don't tell me you've never had a moment like this with your man.


photo a day: my personality. i may be a very emotional person, but it takes a WHOLE LOT to get me angry. furthermore, the fact that i don't get angry sometimes makes other people angry. it's a gift and a curse. not really a curse though. oh, and Tommy Pickles has allll the swag!


after the wine festival, i was so happy to have some wine in the house that i made some cookies. i was a little lazy after making the dough so i put it straight in the oven instead of chilling it down first. my laziness was serendipitous, as my cookies came out better than ever! even my bf, who doesn't like chocolate chip cookies, gave them a good compliment ;)


photo a day: morning. i'm a cereal whore. i keep a rotation of 4-6 boxes of cloying, kid-friendly cereal on deck at all times. i have yet to perfect keeping a full box/full milk carton ration though. i eat one hot breakfast a week, maybe... if i'm not in a cereal mood. my top faves are Frosted Flakes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, and Cocoa Krispies. Honey Nut Cheerios, Captain Crunch, and Golden Grahams gets honorable mention, but don't ever serve me cereal with raisins or marshmallows in it. i'll cut you.


photo a day: empty. my sorority sister had a birthday potluck and we put in some work! i made my mac & cheese, since she liked it so much from my bday potluck, and i bought a bottle of VoĆ¼let. It's a staple at our functions! try it out. it's a not too sweet Italian red wine with a bit of sparkle to it. great for parties and summer get togethers.
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