i didn't really enjoy this past week. i sort of drifted through it, feeling lost and dejected. the weather was absolutely stunning, but there was a storm of emotions going on in my mind. don't mind me though... just another week in the life of me questioning everything.

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so when i say the weather was stunning, i really meant awesome cloud coverage. it didn't rain this night, but the clouds sort of hung there, menacing and brooding, being moody.


photo a day: close up. this is my sidekick, my worn in, worn out leather messenger bag. i've actually used it in some of my fashion inspiration posts. you'd be hard pressed to not see this by my side every where i go. it's as much of a calling card as my hair. and people always compliment me on both.


photo a day: sign. after a week off, i headed back up to campus to the gym and see this. the seniors have spoken. Hopkins' Finest.


crazy cool cloud coverage. told ya.


photo a day: drink. this is generally what the inside of my fridge looks like, minus the wine, which i've been too poor to afford. but i have tons of beverages on any given day.


photo a day: 6 o'clock found me watching TV, Investigation Discovery channel to be exact. it's my new guilty pleasure. it's understood the fact that, to get people interested in watching crime dramas, you must focus on the drama. every show uses dramatizations and reenactments. awesome! i personally love Fatal Encounters, Behind Mansion Walls, and Blood Relatives.


photo a day: my view today. i stayed in, watched movies, and ate loaded french fries. why? because no one was available to spend time with me! #SadderDay.
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