Happy Father's Day! i hope you all had a great week. mine was interesting. again, the weather was beautiful and i started a new job. it's great to be back in DC on a regular basis, but i must get my commute under wraps... because 3 hours just to get home is NOT the business. but, i spent the weekend with my family in DC for my mother's birthday/grandmother's birthday party/father's day. a lot went down on Saturday and i saw close to 200 family members and friends. it was great (^_^)

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this is me. this is my hair. i don't talk much about my hair and being natural as much as i thought i was going to when i started this blog, but that may have something to do with the fact that i think there are other people who do it well enough... Curly Nikki, Quest for the Perfect Curl, Naptural85... no need to reinvent the wheel. but i do lurve my hair and i still contemplate sharing my regimen, tips, and fave products. one day.


photo a day: door. this is the door on my wall-to-wall built-in wardrobe in my room in my apt. one of the main reasons why i got the apartment was for the hardwood floors, the built-ins and...


the decorative fireplaces! photo a day: from a low angle. there are two fireplaces in my apt. i've been meaning to get nice candelabras for them, but i've been meaning to do a lot of things. the ambiance hasn't suffered. i remember when i first saw the apt... i went the same day the ad went up on Craigslist because it's in my desired location, i was the first to see it, i saw two other apts afterward and ran back over immediately and signed the lease. i play no games.


i've got plans for agua fresca and pickled watermelon rind... hello summer!


my first day at my new job assignment and i find out it's directly across the street from one of my favorite Thai restaurants... it only made perfect sense to go there for lunch!


photo a day: yellow. this was the only photo i took on Friday and i'm sorry for it... these are some really fugly shoes and i wish i had something better to share with y'all.


Saturday was my mother's birthday, but it was also the day of the surprise birthday party of my grandmother (whose birthday was actually the month prior. my mother loves to celebrate her birthday by giving thanks to my grandmother... and it was the only way we could really surprise my gramma. she's nosey). we spent most of the morning pulling out pictures and here is where i noticed a lot of our pictures are scarily similar. me and my mother look like the same person.

cupcakes from the party. so cute!
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