another week down and what a rough one it was. i mean, my spirits are high right now but i'm sooooo tired! this was my first full week at my new job and i'm just getting used to the commute, which is a lot rougher than it should be. it should take 1.5hrs, but DC traffic is terrible! i don't remember it being this bad and the scary thing is, i don't think there is anything the city can do about it; it's just overcrowded. it takes 2 hours for me to get home, if i'm lucky, and by the time i do, i have three hours to maybe cook, maybe shower, and catch my breath with a bit of TV. then i pass out before 11p and wake up at 6a to do it all over again. i'll get used to it tho. i am grateful for the job and that i'm not in the house on my ass all day.
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in celebration of Father's Day, here is a picture of me and my daddy at my master's graduation this year. my father and i are kindred spirits... i get my extroverted, pensive nature from him and as such i've always been a daddy's girl.


photo a day: something you didn't know about me - i used to play tennis with a passion. you wouldn't know it these days because i haven't picked up my racket since my junior year of college. i played my last game a week after my ex and i broke up in 2005 and even didn't play my last year in undergrad. i've been wanting to get back on the court for the past three years, but grad school, lack of time and money... one day.


photo a day: imperfect. my pinky fingers are a bit imperfect. they both bend inward instead of being straight, like my other fingers.


photo a day: fave photo i've ever taken - Tiffany would kill me if she knew i posted this picture, LOL! this is from senior year of undergrad. for Tiff's 21st birthday, we decided to do 21 shots. chaos ensued and i snapped this picture. crazy night. drink responsibly.


i was really feeling this lady's style... her turban with a side bow, her pageboy haircut underneath. it made me frown at my own frumpy style. moreover, working in DC a block away from a mall and tons of shops, i feel so shabby, not chic. a couple of weeks ago, i was sobbing on my bf's bed about how unpretty i felt. he was there for me though, telling me all the reasons why he was there by my side. i still wanna go on a shopping spree though. i could only afford to buy one pair of shoes this day. so i did.


after a kinda rough Thursday, this gif i found made my Friday really breezy. it had me giggling well into the evening.


because i'm just getting used to my new job and my commuting schedule, i didn't even make it out of bed Saturday, so i have no picture to post for this day ( ._.) sorry! good news is, i feel really well rested today and am ready for the work week!
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