happy July! hope you are enjoying the heat! you would think with the weather consistently passing the 100°F mark this week, it would be a very miserable time, but i've had a terrific week and i hope you all did too! i'm still broke and i'm still tired but i have so many reasons to smile, to laugh... except for seeing that Tyler Perry movie. that was the only dark moment in my week (>_<)

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nothing like lamb for Sunday dinner served with a side of arugula spiced cousous.


Spiderman saves the day.


photo a day: where i shop. believe it or not, Anthro is very affordable if you know how/when to shop. catch a sale and you'll have a quality, unique, extremely well fitting piece of clothing that'll fast become a staple in your wardrobe.


curious culinary combinations. Cheetos and... a latte?!


if i had this kind of view, i would be the kind of lady who took baths. with milk & honey while wearing an oatmeal face mask and burning lavender and vanilla candles. instead, my viewless bathroom makes me a hot 10 minute shower kinda girl... that burns incense and has almost empty amenities.


Friday should've sucked. i received a laughable paycheck, i was dragged to see the travesty that was Madea's Witness Protection, and there was a freak storm that stranded my family and me in a restaurant and knocked out some towers. BUT, Friday was awesome because the evening before was a great night spent with my bf, my paycheck came through on time, and i was stranded with the people i love in a fantastic restaurant eating fantastic food. if you're ever in Baltimore, check out Woodberry Kitchen and get the CMP for dessert, if for the brûléed marshmallow topping alone.


another Saturday with me spent catching up on sleep. it wasn't quite the sleepy haze as last week, but it was the same schedule of sleep, tv, food, sleep, light cleaning, tv, food... and i loved it! i've found a Saturday groove and i ain't ashamed! one of the meals i made was simple Hasselback potatoes, which i imagine to be a lazy man's scalloped potatoes. it's yummy and i topped it off with the remainder of my roasted chicken tossed with my housemade BBQ sauce. i roast off some chicken on Sundays and shred it up to toss in quick meals throughout the week so i'm not stuck with the prospect of making a full scratch meal on a Tuesday night when i get home at 7.30p. it saves me from going to sleep tired and hungry or eating a huge bowl of cereal at 10p.
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