this first week of July was too hot! the weather consistently passed the 100°F mark and the humidity... off the charts! that being said, i kind of enjoyed it. i didn't do anything for the Fourth of July, but i didn't really want to. it was nice having a day off in the middle of the week. i spent some of it with my bf, some of it shopping with a friend, and the rest of it with the television, LOL! to top it all off, i think i finally have my commute to a T! i am a master of the Marc.

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Sunday Brunch at City Cafe, of course, LOL. i should take stock out on this place... this heavenly salmon BLT was only made better by my suggestion to add in a fried egg. crazy good!


photo a day: busy. i don't trust any Starbucks that isn't busy. this isn't a long wait, BTW... just 5 minutes, tops. that's key. if it's busy but slow, walk away.


Tuesday night, i was so excited to be off for Fourth of July the next day, instead of passing out at 10.30p, i passed out at 11.30p. Thug life.


photo a day: fun. No fun on my block. it was a ghost town! everyone was gone for the Fourth.


cloudy skies. praying for rain and relief from these heat advisories.


Friday night dinner. using the last of my roast chicken, i made some chorizo refried beans and pineapple salsa to concoct a slammin taco! then, i washed it all down with some watermelon ginger agua fresca. so good, i burned a takeout menu as sacrifice.


photo a day: garden. judge me. i let my herbs go. i didn't have the time/energy to repot it, turn over the soil, add Miracle Gro, or even remember to water it. i am so sad, but i do plan to regenerate it, probably next weekend. i've got my eye on some herbs at the farmer's market...
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