another summer week in the books! i spent it being very jealous of one of my homegirls. y'all know how i am about my birthday and her's was this past week. i guess i'm not the only person with birthday anxieties because she said "screw that!", hopped on a plane with her boyfriend, and spend 3 days in Cabo San Lucas. they spent most of it bickering like an old married couple, but the pictures she posted showed nothing but tranquil days lounging on the beach, eating brunch on a boat, and horseback riding. i'm jealous. and totally stealing the idea.

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as i mentioned last week, it was Artscape Weekend in Baltimore. probably the coolest thing about the city. it's a total weird fest with tons of art, jewelry, and clothes for sale, exhibits, free plays and dances, tons of food and music concerts. i just went for the food this year, but that's just me.


this is a regular size bag of potato chips. had they been Utz, they'd probably be 75¢. i paid $2 for this bag from a fru fru sandwich shop in Union Station. i regret nothing.


photo a day: mirror. i love my apartment. it's filled with all sorts of cute details and tons of character. case in point, the mirrors in my bathroom are screwed in and capped with these lovely glass flowers.


i don't like to broadcast my healthy eating habits because then people would be like "oh! you're trying to lose weight?" and i'd have to explain to them that i'm perfectly healthy, just not skinny. shits awkward. but, i was on a fruit and veggie kick last week, trying to undo the week of latte/croissant breakfasting from the week before. but Wednesday night, hump day found me with no inspiration for dinner. then this happened. then gravy fries happen. and that's all i can say about that.


photo a day: sunshine. another skygram from my view on the Marc train. it's a daily inspiration and solidifies my love of train-riding.


Friday lunch with my coworkers. i look forward to this day on Tuesday when i'm eating reheated leftovers from Sunday. it gets me through to know i'll be rewarded with meals like this Seafood Fra Diavolo. and cupcakes. those happened again too.


Saturday was spent with my boyfriend, doing what Brits do... yelling chants at a soccer game. this is a Tottenham-Liverpool exhibition in Baltimore. i find it wild that two England teams came all the way to M&T Bank stadium to play soccer, but there were over 40K people there. my bf let me know that if we were in England, it would be twice and many people, twice as loud, and twice as much pandemonium.
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