it's been a long time... i shoudn't have left you... without some fine mens to obsess to. Man Candy alert!!

it must be the warm weather and the fact that men are now walking around with big, shiny muscles in thin, tight tank tops, but i have been quite the hound dog lately. whether it be a shirtless man on Instagram or a tall chocolatey man in cargo shorts glistening in the sun at the wine mixer but i got my creep shades on and i'm giving every fine man a #HeyBoo.

TV has also been good to me. between summer tennis, watching the NBA playoffs by proxy, and the upcoming Olympics, i'm checking out all the hard bodies. and you should too. let me help you out.

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

nicknamed the Muhammad Ali of tennis, the Frenchman got pretty far at the French Open at Roland Garros this year. coming so close to beating that a-hole Djokovic, he lost 4 match points in the quarterfinals. i was heartbroken. he's so cute! there's always Wimbledon...

Serge Ibaka

you should already know by now that i don't really care for basketball although i have date quite a few players. these days, i leave the athletes alone but still pine over their long and lean bodies when i'm forcibly watching the game while at the bar or with my man. enter the OKC Thunder. touted as a young team with a lot of heart, they are currently in the NBA finals against the Heat. One of the key players is power forward Serge Ibaka of Congolese-Spanish decent. what a yummy combination.


Tyson Gay

really looking forward to the Summer Olympics. i was watching a promo for it and saw the yumminess that is Tyson Gay, track & field sprinter for the US Team. he has won numerous medals and has beaten Usain Bolt. an injury kept him from competing at his best at the Beijing Olympics, but really looking forward to what he can do this summer. oh, and this... 


there you have it. summer man candy. enjoy, like a slow melting ice cream cone.
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