are you ready for some football?!
well, i'm not. i don't watch football. i don't watch sports at all really, except for the occasional tennis match. but, i do watch sports players. back in the day, i dated football and basketball players exclusively. not really by choice, but i've always been attracted ΓΌber tall and muscly men and they usually turned out to play some sort of sport. now, i tend to lean towards more hunky and husky, but i still like 'em tall, since i'm kinda tall myself.

but, to kick off my man candy series, which i'll do every week, i thought it would be appropriate to feature some football players since the season just ended (inner smile).

Ray Rice
standing at 5'8", this 24 year old running back for the Ravens is the best thing about Baltimore. though he is the same height as me, i'd gladly wear flats when i'm out with those biceps.

Ed Dickson
there is plenty tight about this Baltimore Ravens tight end. all 6'4" and 249lb of him can get the business... even though his is only 23 years old.

Patrick Willis
great Scott! everything about his upper body is making me want to drive to San Francisco right now, since he an inside linebacker for the 49ers. this chocolaty masterpiece is 26, 6'1" and 240lbs.

Mike Neal
congrats boo! i hear you just won the superbowl. and at the tender age of 23. but there is nothing tender about those biceps, which are just as big as those weights.

Golden Tate
aww, look at that smile! this southern boy is a wide receiver for the Seahawks. even though he's 22 and only 5'10", i'd be allllll over that gorgeous face of his.

Braylon Edwards
last, but not least... Lawd amercy, look at those shoulders! i can barely compose myself. i don't really want to have kids, but if they'd come out as beautiful as this masterpiece, who is a wide receiver for the Jets, i'd do it au naturale. he's 27 years old, 6'3" and 214lbs. that makes him beyond perfection in my book. especially with that Come F*ck Me stare he has going on.

well, that's it for this edition. check back next week and feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments :)
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