remember those MySpace surveys? in fact, remember MySpace at all?? what the hell happened to MySpace? oh, yeah... Twitter. which i'm not on. i can only take one or two social media obsessions at a time. one is Facebook; the other is natural hair blogs. but seriously, twitter kicked MySpace's ass, whose only victory is that they absorbed imeem.

not until i get a smartphone, buddy*

but anyway, the lame thing about Facebook and Twitter is that it's platform is not conducive to the famed MySpace survey, which itself originated through email. sort of like incredibly vain chain letters, these surveys asked personal questions and then threatened you with bad omens, usually of the romantical variety, unless you too shared your personal experiences and forwarded them to at least 12 or so friends. with a groan, you did so, because you did not want to be cursed with bad sex for the next seven years...

my favorite memory of doing these surveys is one particular question: what's your favorite flower? my answer is orange lilies because orange is one of my favorite colors and lilies rock harder than any other flower. so, i sent it off to my friends and waited to see their responses to the questions. my boyfriend at the time sent his back and i zeroed in on the line "what's your favorite flower?: sarah". and i swooned. since, this has been my motto.
friend: Sarah, can you help us carry this case of water?
me: no bitch. i'm a flower.
and also, i loved naming the survey, either with a random line in one of the answers or with Sir Veh...

when i made the transition from MySpace to Facebook, it was swift. my school finally approved our presence to Facebook, i reconnected with way more people, and it didn't inundate me with band invites and stranger danger. but, the sacrifice was the ever loved survey. for a while, i would go on MySpace just to do them, but, alas, many of my friends were making the leap and my bulletin box was getting skimpier. some folks tried to bring the survey over to Facebook. but it seemed so contrived and desperate. you have to do it as a note AND you have to tag people to the note, basically asking them to pay attention to your witty and random answers. with MySpace, there was the whimsy of the survey hanging in cyberspace for folks to read at their leisure. afterall, MySpacers were desperate for such attention whereas Facebookers, with their collective college degrees, didn't do such things.

but, those surveys rock. and i wanna bring 'em back, for old times sake.

First thing you wash in the shower? my arms
What color is your favorite hoodie? i don't wear hoodies anymore
Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? even though i said i wouldn't, i would because he's that good of a kisser
Do you plan outfits? only 5 minutes before i put on clothes
How are you feeling RIGHT now? tired, outcast, hungry
Do you say aim or a-i-m? aim, but no one uses this anymore... sort of like MySpace
Tell me about the last dream you remember having? last night, i dreamt LeBron James wanted me and i was wearing a pretty dress, and my old band members were unfriendly statues. then i got married and had the reception in the same room, which is tacky. and my bridesmaids dresses were better than mine.
What are you craving right now? chocolate
Do you floss? not as often as i should
What comes to mind when I say cabbage? sukiyaki
Are you emotional? not right now
Would you dance to the taco song? what the hell are you talking about?
Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it? lick it... that's what she said
Do you like your hair? i love my hair
Have you ever met a celebrity? plenty
Do you like cottage cheese? don't gross me out
What are you listening to right now? vacuum pumps
Would you go sky diving? i have a fear of falling, mo
Do you rent movies often? i don't pay for movies
Do you own a gun? no, but i want a taser
Can you count backwards from 74? yeah, but why would i waste time like that? i could be filling out a survey or something more important.
Who are you going to be with tonight? labmates, friends, artistic folks
Do you own something from Hot Topic? what is this, 2003??
Ever been on a train? i lurve trains
Ever been in love? sigh
Are you too forgiving? prolly, but i hate stubborn, prideful people
Do you use chap stick? only makeup i wear
Can you use chop sticks? i grew up near Chinatown
Is your hair curly? something like that
Last time you cried? idk... a few days ago. i have to let the tears flow from time to time or else i'll have wet dreams.
Favorite time of the year? autumn
Favorite color? orange, blue, purple
Do you have any tattoos? i wish
The last person you held hands with? my bff Tiffany
Do you like your life right now? it could be filled with more happy
What is your favorite animal? birds
What was the most recent thing you bought? food... always.
Could you ever forgive a cheater? yes
Do you have a job? as a PhD slave grad student
Can you handle the truth? most times

Feel free to repost in the comments!

*don't ask me why i don't have a smartphone, unless you're my mother and you're willing to pay.
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