just like with the Superbowl edition, i did not watch the Grammy's this year. in fact, as a rule, i don't watch awards shows. i feel the real reward i bestow upon celebrities is that i listen to their music, watch their movies/TV shows, and spend a half an hour a day getting familiar with their unique brand on crazy on TMZ. i'd rather not watch a group of them pat themselves on their backs.

anywho, i rather like seeing men in nice suits. i used to work at the Gap while in high school, where i was the  men's specialist, meaning i can help a man find his ideal cut, size, and color of jeans and khakis while coordinating them with a shirt and belt combo. in undergrad, i worked holidays at Nordstrom in the men's shoes department. along with way too many years of retail experience under my belt and being the fastest cashier in the east came a real appreciation for men's apparel. in fact, one of the real joys i get out of being a girlfriend is being able to dress my boyfriend up like a human sized, anatomically correct Ken doll. in fact, my ex enlisted my services after we broke up when he needed work clothes for a new job. that good.

this year, at the Grammy's, pickings were SLIM. it's like there was a memo for the men to try to hard to look as if they weren't trying hard at all. i'm looking at you Usher, with your blazer, ringer tee, spatted boots ensemble. the scruffy faces i'll forgive, because frankly it turns me on just as much as ashy hands (no joke), but i digress.

Mario Lopez
the best accessory Mario is giving the gunmetal gray slim suit with retro black tie are those dimples. ain't he cute?!

LL Cool J
he's mostly on here because, i mean, it's LL! his suit is fitting a little snug on his arms, but that only points out that fact that his biceps are that freaking juiced.

Lil Wayne
okay wait. before you say anything, let me just remind you that PICKINS WERE SLIM. okay, now, i'm actually feeling this look from Weezy. i lurve sweaters on men because they highlight the shoulders, the sexiest part on a man, and the cut and color of this cardi is working well with his white tee and tats. still not buying it?? well, his swag on a hundred though!

Jesse Williams
all of this is working for me. the style and color combo of the suit, the white Oxfords, and that face. yeah. McSexyFace.

Tinie Tempah
okay. so, i know that this isn't his look from the Grammy's, but it was some variation of this and i don't care. he is sexy. and i love that blazer on him. and the glasses cover those rather large, but silky, eyebrows. i also love retro glasses on a man. in fact, i'm feeling this whole 50s suit trend going on right now. let's hope it stays along with horn-rimmed glasses.
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