a friend treated me to dinner at my fave local spot

i saw an old friend yesterday. i hadn't seen her in over a year because, you know, life gets in the way. we got busy with school and boyfriends and making it through the day. so a day turned into a week, which turned into months of not checking in. still very much in my thoughts, i wonder what she's been up to? i'll call her later tonight and "later tonight" features making up with my man or a last minute re-do of an experiment and "later tonight" turns in i'll call her tomorrow and tomorrow is always a day away. we had lost touch but we didn't lose that connection, i hoped.

main course: pork chop in a delicious wine & dijon sauce

i saw an old friend yesterday and after a year or so of missing her, it felt like only a day had passed. out of the corner of my eye, we caught a glimpse of each other, then the next several minutes were filled with tears and laughter and how have you been? i've been meaning to call you! i have so much to tell you! in a large crowd, our screams of delight blocked out any other sound and it was just like... old times.

flourless chocolate cloud-like cake!

i miss her already. and you know how that goes. we parted with great intentions of keeping in touch, but the fact remains that we hadn't done a good job of that over the past year and a half. so much has changed and it all happened without her there, without me there. and seeing how much has changed almost makes me feel like i've missed out. maybe we'll do a better job. but what remains unchanged is the love. i just wonder when i'll catch a glimpse of her again...
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