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i was excited about the start of the Baltimore Farmer's Market, only to get there and see it was about 33% occupied. just like last year around this time. i did score some lovely spinach and parsley (same as last year, oddly enough), which i used to make a great Easter salad.


photo a day: younger me. at prom in 2002 having a photo opp with a friend, back when no man smiled in pictures.


photo a day: cold. a close-up of my beloved Starbucks cold cup.


my lunch: pan-seared salmon with couscous and sautéed spinach. i'm still having flashbacks about it.


i want her hair. getting my hair to that length is further away than previously thought since my birthday trim. le sigh.

Friday the 13th

sushi night with my sorority sisters started off with copious amounts of krab at Maté and ended with copious amounts of waiting at Georgetown Cupcake. i regret nothing.


photo a day: how i feel today. especially after seeing how much i owe in taxes this year.
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