my bad for even thinking i could get these up every Saturday. let's just say i'll have them up before the end of the weekend, 'kay? i know; i need to do better ( ._.)
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Fridays at Whole Foods are my favorite. they have great sales. for instance, i was able to get some good looking ground lamb for about $2.50 for a half pound! also, after a holiday, most grocery stores usually have an overstock. after this Easter, there was a lot of lamb. i took advantage and made this here lamb ragu. it was unctuous and comforting but still light.


found this photo of this persnickety kitten. he already owns his domain.


photo a day: something i'm grateful for - i remember this day as the day i'll always be grateful for good friends and good times.


i just love this color combo, high-gloss black, green, and ecru; the clever way it's expressed in the fruit bowl with the limes, pears, and avocados. the exposed brick in the living area... and peep the mirrored mantle!


photo a day: black & white - this is me with some straight hair. i took this photo after my birthday this year. my friend Samantha took me to the gun range. it was terrifyingly empowering.


after a day of cruising the city with a latte in my hand, i come to find this from the postman. my cap and gown. i'm crossing the stage in a month for my master's degree.


photo a day: 1pm - another week capped off by food with my boyfriend! LOL! we do more than pig out, i promise!
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