Happy September! my Sunday this week sort of mirrors last week. we, again, made plans to go to the State Fair. the weather, again, threatens to keep us in the house with promises of thunderstorms all afternoon and evening. the difference this week is that i'm in too fantastic a mood to really care (u_u )

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photo a day: dream. living here looks like an absolute dream... sigh.


the market near my place had a good deal on some great looking salmon and mangoes. you know what that means? pan roasted salmon tacos with mango and roasted red pepper salsa! duh.


photo a day: clock. i so need to get my mother this clock, although i don't think it would exactly improve her time management issues.


photo a day: down. i had an interview on Monday that made me miss a day from work. because of that, i've been getting up early to make up the time. this day, i was soooo ready for the work day to end.


photo a day: the other half of the salmon. isn't it gorgeous?! this night, i pan roasted it again and serve it with wilted spinach, cumin rice, shredded soft boiled eggs and roasted red pepper coulis. i would be sharing a picture of that, but i wolfed it down so faaaaast...


look back up to the picture from Wednesday... the part where i said i was so ready for the end of the day? well, that is the reason why there's no picture from Friday. I was that tired. although, i did meet a really nice stranger on the train who was a stuntman at Six Flags America when it was Adventure World. i used to love that place and he was Batman! now, he's an IT tech. such is life.


photo a day: me, now. walking through downtown Baltimore where the Grand Prix was taking place.
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