i should be wearing my sweater dress and some boots. logically, i should be wearing an undershirt today, but i YOLOd it and am paying dearly for it. but, i foresaw this predicament and packed my plaid scarf, which is keeping my neck quite warm on this very chilly morning. too chilly to be called "chilly" actually. i don't feel prepared although i'm ready. hello Autumn. it's been too long.

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brunch. 'nuff said.


finally got to try Roti here in DC. it's an à la carte Mediterranean fast food restaurant with several locations throughout the city. the meat and roasted veggies were very good, as was the tomato and cucumber salad. the falafel was also pretty good, although a bit on the soggy side. the couscous was a little too cold, the sauces a little to mayonnaisey and the rice was a complete throwaway. would do better with Jasmine or Basmati and it would be great if lamb was on the menu.


photo a day: price. the price of the fruit i got at the Amish market last week could not be beat! not only that, but the fruit was amazingly sweet.


shout out to the faux-nado that hit DC! it totally wrecked my commute for two solid days! it took me four hours to get home Tuesday evening and three hours to get to work Wednesday. no picture for this day, unless you want to see the bags under my eyes.


Autumn coming means Bmore Book Fest! i'm excited!


'memba this? it's the Nickelodeon daily lineup back when i was a kid... 15 years ago!! sheesh! feel old? i used to know this schedule like the back of my hand and was always excited for new episodes of The Secret World of Alex Mack.


Bonus birthday gift for my boyfriend. he loves beer, especially microbrews and specialty brews. i discovered this the night we met, at the bar of a restaurant near my house. could also be because he's a Brit, but i bought him a sick growler and had it filled at the very restaurant we met with a beer he told me he loved that very night. he absolutely dug it.
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