Virgo Season. My favorite. also this post is very food picture heavy. i'm sure you'll enjoy it :)

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photo a day: something i do most weekends. you should already know, hitting the markets and stocking my fridge fills me with such weekend satisfaction. so does brunch, but i digress.


photo a day: black & white. my free cupcake this day was a luscious chocolate chip one. so good!


my prophyte shares my love of birds. she has four as pets, which she allows to zip around her house untethered. this picture was taken of a pretty bird we saw while feeding them some of her pet's extra bird seed in the park before work.


photo a day: together. this is my boyfriend. this day was his birthday. i wish him much happiness and success for the next year!


photo a day: on the table. had sushi, drinks, and much needed catching-up with one of my sorority sisters.


photo a day: favorite. this is one of my favorite breakfast items. i was turned on to it in high school by one of my classmates. there's the little deli across the street that many of us would frequent. my HS is very progressive and didn't have a cafeteria, so we were allowed free time to roam around and enjoy long lunches, feeling very adult-like. anyway, she oredered this breakfast sandwich, an egg & cheese on toasted croissant with... grape jelly! i initially turned my nose up at it, but the burgeoning foodie in me gave it a try and has been hooked every since. the jelly cuts the richness of the egg and cheese and the buttery croissant, giving much needed balance. give it a try! it works with strawberry jam too, if you're above grape (u_u ).


photo a day: first thing i see. i was marketing again. this time, i headed to the Amish Market with grand hopes for whoopie pies and good quality meat. the first thing i see when i walk in... pastry heaven!
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