it's 60°F this morning. that fills me with such glee! you know how i feel about autumn. i go from looking like a sweaty, glistening hog to a sophisticated Mrs. Piggy in the blink of an eye. so i was happy this morning to be out in the cool crisp air, even though i was still dressed like summer, with my skimmers, no socks, and summer cardigan. i was happily shivering on the train!

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photo a day: my father. this is my father with my aunts at my aunt's birthday party (she's the silver fox in the middle wearing a tiara). this was a costume party of sorts, although only half the party attendees actually wore a costume.


photo a day: far away. there was a wedding at the very classy Belvedere near my apt. as much as i've always wanted to get married, that concept seems so far away right now... i just realized the actual work that two people have to do to get to that point, not to mention i'm almost 30 and have been with my boyfriend for less than a year. i still want it though.


photo a day: mailbox. the one thing i hate about moving into a new apartment is still receiving the former tenant's mail. it's so awkward! so i just leave it in there and hope that the mailman with get the picture. it's been a year and i don't think he will.


photo a day: bright. my commute this week was anything but. i had some time to make up in my work hours this week, so that meant i did three 12-hr shifts in a row! i was up and at work before sunrise and back home way after sunset. i hated it.


i've discovered free cupcakes. it makes me so happy. Georgetown Cupcake has a secret password everyday and my coworkers and i have made it a point to take a break, for mental health reasons, to go for an invigorating walk in the mornings and the cupcake is like a free reward at the end of it. but only if the flavor is appetizing, otherwise we're "too busy" with work.


a bit of déjà vu for you... look back up to the picture from Wednesday... yeah. again, i was so through with my work schedule this week that i had not the wherewithal to take a picture on Friday. i had an interview, a luncheon, still worked late, had dinner with my mother and her boyfriend, and crashed too hard when i got home.


photo a day: at night. i guess because i was so wrapped up in work this week, all i wanted to do on Saturday was get out and enjoy the air. i drove for a while, picked up some hair stuff, and relaxed for the rest of the night. 'twas heaven.
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