hello May! you're gorgeous! unfortunately, my apartment does not reflect that. my place is a wreck! so messy with clothes and dishes everywhere. *slaps wrist* but, this weekend is all about cleaning things up. my boyfriend is the catalyst, helping me by cleaning my kitchen. i'm off to do laundry at his place today, but first... week in photos time! enjoy (^_^)
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photo a day: circle. for the past two weeks, i've ended these posts with food fun with my boyfriend. this week, i'm starting off there! we went to brunch and i finally, finally, finally filled my craving for chicken & waffles. it's been too long.


photo a day: something that makes me sad - i search for jobs and put in tens of applications per week. it's rough and i don't really want to move Muncie, Indiana.


photo a day: peace - of cookie! i made some cookies this week because it was that kind of week.


photo a day: skyline - this was the skyline the last time i went home to DC. sigh.


i wanna live here.


came across this butterfly on the concrete streets of Baltimore while i was headed to Starbucks. it must be lost. i know the feeling.


took some leftover mashed potatoes and some leftover ground chicken and made spicy chicken potato fritters. with gravy. always with gravy.
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