i've been eyeballing this grey sweater dress in my closet for a whole two weeks now. i got it right at the end of spring for $15 at a season clearance sale and only got one wear out of it before the weather had turned too warm. it was during a date to the Baltimore Museum of Art with my honey. that dress was perfect for that day, as it was kind of cloudy and cool, and my boyfriend thought i was cute as a button in it. it's been hanging in my closet ever since, waiting for the first snap in the air to be whisked from it's humid prison. i haven't broken it out yet because the timing hasn't been... ideal. sure, there have been a couple of cool, even chilly days, but mostly mornings that yield to hot/humid afternoons. not yet. even today, it's almost October (0_0) and still topping out at 80°F (O_O). so the dress shall wait patiently for the perfect moment, when i can throw it on with some leather boots and a colorful scarf and enjoy the crisp, cool air. hello Autumn! you're my favorite!

day and night
day and night

if you follow me on Twitter, you'd know that i endure a hour and a half commute every morning and evening. it's not too terrible; a lot of sitting and waiting, but that means that a lot of my free time is chewed up by... sitting and waiting. so, i need a work wardrobe that transforms easily to hanging out after hours. comfy materials in tailored cuts, bright colors, easy to wear, but still full of personality. i'm really feeling jewel tones and lots of leather this fall and those green pumps are to die for!

belle of the ball
on the town fall12

i wanna be pretty. these are a few pretty things. if you can't tell by know, i'm really feeling emerald as my go to color this season. it's just so darn... pretty! and such a gorgeous, drapey dress deserves great trimmings, such as the dainty gold jewelry. the birdcage bangle is me being very meta but it's set off nicely by the golden collar necklace. pops of velvet amethyst with the retro slingbacks and clutch. and just to bring a bit of androgyny to the game, because honestly too pretty for me makes me uncomfortable, the beige leather asymmetric collarless jacket is so necessary.

on the regular
about the town FA12

let's be honest... i'm as chill as they come. and i wear more menswear inspired pieces that the ├╝ber girly ones i see my super-ego wearing. in real life, you'd probably catch me in something more this speed, palling around the farmer's market on weekends. i may have souped myself up with the sneaks and the bag, but i love the relaxed look of that belted jacket with the, wait for it... emerald green panel top! i can't get enough! also, my newest obsession are those bangles and that ring. the jewelry looks vintage and personal and fits in with the throwback style of the flare jeans. all that's missing is the grande Starbucks cup! and i'm ready for fall!
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